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Nothing But Leaves

While heading to Jerusalem, Jesus became hungry. He spotted a fig tree, but when he approached it He realized it bore no fruit; the tree had nothing but leaves. The Master cursed the tree and it withered away, however the question to ask is: why do such a thing? What was the purpose of this peculiar miracle? Evangelist Shahe Gergian answers these questions in this sermon: “Nothing But Leaves.”
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The Holy Spirit And The Life of Christ

Throughout the gospels, the Holy Spirit is seen working in tandem with Jesus at critical junctures of His life and ministry. What was the purpose of this cooperative effort and in what way did Christ depend on the Holy Spirit’s role in His redemptive work? Learn the answers to these questions in this presentation from evangelist Shahe Gergian.

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The Day Jesus Stepped Out

One of the most crucial days in the ministry of Christ occurred when He came to meet a prophet of God by the Jordan river to be baptized. In this sermon from evangelist Shahe Gergian, we learn why this seminal moment should be carefully studied by all Bible students because of its great significance in the unfolding plan of God.
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Denying The Lord

The individuals that inhabit the pages of the Bible were real people with genuine problems, just like us. We can learn much from the examples of the men and women in the holy scripture. Studying the ups and downs of the life of Peter is one such instance. In this lesson, evangelist Shahe Gergian explores the shortcomings and successes of this great champion for Christ.

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Landmark Q&A: Does God Hate Women?

girl-praying-hands-eyelashes-41942An accusation often made against the morality of the Bible surrounds the treatment, or mistreatment, of women. While it is certainly true that at times men have shown contempt for women, can the same be said of God? Does God hate women? Find out in this week’s Landmark Q&A.

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The Synagogue and the Christian Assembly

During His earthly ministry, Jesus was often found preaching in the Jewish synagogue. The apostle Paul did the same throughout the book of Acts. Even though the synagogue is mentioned in various parts of the New Testament, few Bible readers know much about its practices. How were synagogues structured? What did the Jews do when they assembled on the Sabbath? And the most important question: what does any of this have to do with Christianity?

In this presentation, Shahe Gergian explores these issues in his sermon, ‘The Synagogue and the Christian Assembly’.
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Scripture and Slavery

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In the modern world, few evils raise the ire of society like slavery. The most carnal secularist finds the idea of merchandising human beings utterly repugnant. From the brutal horrors of slavery in 19th century America, to the modern epidemic of sex trafficking, everyone agrees that slavery is evil.

So what do we do with Bible stories and scriptures that seem to condone or even support slavery? These are often used to disqualify the Bible as an authoritative voice on moral issues. Many Christians bashfully admit that the Bible does not condemn slavery: if society practices it – the Bible simply regulates it.

But is this viewpoint correct? Shahe Gergian masterfully tackles this extremely important apologetic topic and defends the unimpeachable goodness of the Word of God. You can’t afford to miss this!