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Clean vs. Unclean

The Law of Moses outlined a number of activities which could cause a person to become defiled, or unclean. In this unclean state, Israelites were unable to approach God at the Tabernacle or participate in feasts like Passover. Only after being purified could they once again be counted as clean. In this restrictive system, God was painting a picture about the nature of sin and the necessity of Christ. Evangelist Jerry Dickinson does a wonderful job discussing the contrast between clean and unclean, and explaining its importance in the Bible.
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Not For Sale!

Someone has said that ‘everything and everyone has a price.’ Is that true? In today’s sermon Jerry Dickinson relates the encouraging news that even in the 21st century there are people and values that are not for sale.
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Who is on the Lord’s Side?

Today we post a classic Jerry Dickinson sermon he gave during a 2009 gospel meeting at the Rice Road church of Christ. In this sermon Jerry considers a question asked by Moses 3500 years ago which is still very topical today. We hope you listen!
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A Prophet For Profit

During their wilderness wanderings the children of Israel encountered a prophet named Balaam who was hired by Balak, the king of Moab, to curse them. In this classic sermon from evangelist Jerry Dickinson, we learn some crucial lessons from Balaam, his talking donkey, and his inability to curse the people of God.

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Nay But We Will Have A King!

In this well studied sermon from evangelist Jerry Dickinson we learn valuable lessons from that tumultuous era in Israel’s history when they rejected God’s divine rule in favor of a human king.

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Waiting For The Moving of The Water

Stirred Waters





Jerry Dickinson – Waiting for the Moving of the Water
Sometimes Christians wait and pray for a divine answer from God in a very shallow and superstitious way. Does God speak through modern miracles or does He speak through His word, the Bible? Evangelist Jerry Dickinson considers this question in today’s sermon, ‘Waiting for the moving of the Water.’