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Creation vs. Evolution

Brent Wilson is an accomplished geologist and preacher of the gospel. He has years of experience in scientific studies and brings a wealth of knowledge to the examination of evolution. In this presentation from the 2017 Grapevine, TX Preacher’s Study, Wilson considers the Biblical view of creation and investigates some of the claims made by proponents of evolution.

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For the question and answer session that followed the presentation, see the following links below:

Creation vs. Evolution Q&A MP3 Link


The battle for truth over the origins of the universe and humanity has been raging for centuries. One the one hand are those who say complex human life developed over billions of years by natural selection. On the other, those who look to the Bible’s account of creation. In this sermon, geologist and evangelist Brent Wilson examines the teaching of evolution to give insight into this complex issue.

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