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The Loaf In The Lord’s Supper Q&A

Today we post the Q&A session that followed evangelist Ronny Wade’s presentation on the Loaf in the Lord’s Supper. We hope you find this discussion informative.
The Loaf In The Lord’s Supper Q&A MP3 Link

The Loaf In The Lord’s Supper

There are a number of questions often postulated concerning the loaf which God’s people use in the observance of the Lord’s Supper. In this sermon from evangelist Ronny Wade, focus is given to, as the apostle called it, “the bread which we break” (1 Corinthians 10:16).

The Loaf in the Lord’s Supper MP3 Link

The Training and Education of Preachers Q&A

The Training and Education of Preachers Q&A
Today we present the Q&A that followed evangelist Johnny Elmore’s presentation on the training and education of preachers.

The Training and Education of Preachers

If you are interested in preaching or in supporting gospel preachers, this is a MUST WATCH video for you! Evangelist Johnny Elmore shares both Biblical and practical council from a number of experienced evangelists on how to be trained and educated in preaching.

The Training and Education of Preachers MP3 Link

Clean vs. Unclean

The Law of Moses outlined a number of activities which could cause a person to become defiled, or unclean. In this unclean state, Israelites were unable to approach God at the Tabernacle or participate in feasts like Passover. Only after being purified could they once again be counted as clean. In this restrictive system, God was painting a picture about the nature of sin and the necessity of Christ. Evangelist Jerry Dickinson does a wonderful job discussing the contrast between clean and unclean, and explaining its importance in the Bible.
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The Human Condition (Flesh vs. Spirit)

The Scriptures frequently utilize dichotomies to help Bible students to understand difficult concepts. For example, light is juxtaposed to darkness and holy to common. In this presentation from evangelist Roger Boone, the human condition is defined by the distinction of flesh and spirit.
The Human Condition Flesh vs. Spirit MP3 Link