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Congregational Cooperation in Missionary Efforts Q&A

Today we present the Q&A session that followed evangelist Ronny Wade’s presentation on Congregational Cooperation in Missionary Efforts.

Congregational Cooperation in Missionary Efforts Q&A MP3 Link

Congregational Cooperation in Missionary Efforts

For many years, churches who believe in congregational autonomy, or self-governance, have struggled with the extant to which one congregation can and should work with other congregations, especially in evangelistic efforts. This issue especially pertains to funding missional efforts. In this sermon, Ronny Wade ably tackles the issue.
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Blood Sacrifice

Modern sensibilities take offense at the notion that blood is efficacious for sin, however the inspired author of Hebrews wrote: “…without shedding of blood there is no remission.” In today’s post, evangelist Billy Dickinson demonstrates that a sanguineous thread leads from the opening chapters of scripture until the concluding words of Revelation.

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Imprecatory Psalms

Do the Imprecatory (‘cursing’) Psalms and Christian principles disagree? Some students of the Bible find it arduous to unite the “judgemental” language of some of the Psalms with the benevolent tenor of the New Testament. Doesn’t Jesus teach that we should love our enemies? Evangelist Smith Bibens addresses this controversy in today’s sermon on the Imprecatory Psalms.

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Questions From Genesis 3

The third chapter of Genesis is one of the most pivotal in the whole Bible, recounting the events pertaining to the fall of humanity into sin. However, the chapter is filled with interpretive difficulties such as the identity of the serpent and the nature of the Divine curses. In this presentation, Clint De France address some of the more difficult questions from Genesis 3.
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