Going The Distance

It’s easy to start, but often challenging to finish. This is true in many aspects of life, but especially when it comes to being a Christian. The word of God provides believers some tools to ensure, as evangelist Frank Brancato preaches in this sermon, we can go the distance with Jesus.
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Three Would-Be Followers

Why might a person not follow Jesus? What could prevent someone from becoming His disciple? The Lord described three common excuses given by those who fail to become Christians, and in this sermon, evangelist Frank Brancato explains these would-be followers.
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Take Heed How You Hear

There is a difference between listening and hearing, and this is especially true when receiving the word of God. The Lord expects people to hear the Holy Scriptures in a particular fashion described in this sermon from evangelist Frank Brancato, preached at an outdoor mission meeting in Centralia, MO.
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Forgiving A Runaway Slave

Paul’s short letter to Philemon is a case study in forgiveness. Philemon was a wealthy Christian and associate of the apostle whose slave named Onesimus had run away, but later obeyed the gospel. So from his prison cell, Paul wrote to his brother-in-Christ, Philemon, petitioning him to do the right thing, forgiving Onesimus and receiving him with the love of Christ.
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Buried in a rich man’s tomb

In this first sermon from Frank Brancato’s gospel series, we are reminded of the sovereignty of God, especially in relation to the events of Christ’s burial. Christians often rightly emphasize the Lord’s death and resurrection, but it is important not to miss that which came between when Jesus was buried in a rich man’s tomb.
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Counterfeit Christianity

What kind of fruit are you bearing for Jesus? Is religion merely ornamental and ritual, or does your faith genuinely impact the way you live? In this powerful sermon from evangelist Kevin Presley, we are reminded that Christianity is more than a label, it is a lifestyle that is manifested in who we are and how we behave.
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The Congregational Teacher

One of the chief goals of congregational assemblies is “that the church may receive edification” (1 Corinthians 14:5). In order for edification to be achieved, men who teach the Scriptures must be adequately prepared through diligent study. Sadly, many congregations fail in this regard, opting instead to hire-out the job God has placed upon each local church. Evangelist Brandon Stephens exhorts those who have the ability to teach to take that seriously and he reminds congregations of their obligations in this matter.
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