The Human Condition (Flesh vs. Spirit)

The Scriptures frequently utilize dichotomies to help Bible students to understand difficult concepts. For example, light is juxtaposed to darkness and holy to common. In this presentation from evangelist Roger Boone, the human condition is defined by the distinction of flesh and spirit.
The Human Condition Flesh vs. Spirit MP3 Link

What is Sorcery?

The Bible is replete with condemnations for the practice of sorcery, but as modern Christians are so far removed from the ancient world, it may be difficult to know exactly what the inspired writers were forbidding, and even more difficult to know how it applies to this time period. In this excellent study presented by evangelist Clint De France, these questions are answered and sorcery is exposed as just as much a problem today as it has ever been.

What is Sorcery? MP3 Link

Gender Issues and The Bible

There is a tremendous amount of moral confusion in the world today, and those who are looking for answers to difficult questions often do not know where to turn. In this exceptionally timely study from Dr. Bart Shaw, M.D., we are offered Biblical clarity on a subject many struggle to understand – what does the Bible say about gender and why should I care? Please watch, ponder, and share.
Gender Issues and The Bible MP3 Link

The Day of Atonement

There were many holy days on the ancient Jewish calendar. These events, with their associated activities, were meant to focus the nation on service to God, and foreshadow the coming Messiah. In the New Testament, especially the book of Hebrews, the inspired writers show with great clarity how these days pointed to Jesus with special emphasis on one holiday in particular called the Day of Atonement.
The Day of Atonement MP3 Link

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