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The Value of a Good Friend

Humans are social creatures and those we choose to befriend can make a huge impact on our lives. Few things are as beneficial to us as good friends who provide us sound advice and help when we are in need, so it behooves us to cultivate those relationships as best we can.

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The betrayer Judas led an angry mob to Gethsemane to take Jesus into custody. While it may seen that the Lord’s enemies were running the show, the unfolding of this incredible scene demonstrates several amazing truths about the Lamb of God who willingly died that we might live.
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Three Would-Be Followers

Why might a person not follow Jesus? What could prevent someone from becoming His disciple? The Lord described three common excuses given by those who fail to become Christians, and in this sermon, evangelist Frank Brancato explains these would-be followers.
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Is Christmas For Christians?



It’s the holiday time again and this week we are posting an article  (today) and a sermon (Friday) which take different approaches to the scripturality of celebrating Christmas. We hope you will take the opportunity to look again at this topic with an open heart and mind.

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Who is the Angel of the Lord?

The Angel of the LORD was a prominent figure in the Old Testament. He appeared to men such as Abraham and Moses, and also to women like Hagar. The identity of the Angel of the LORD has often been disputed. Some see him as being no different from any other angelic being created by God to fulfill His purposes, while other see him as much more – a pre-incarnate manifestation of Jesus Himself. In today’s sermon, Glen Osburn tackles this subject.

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The Christology of Isaiah

The book of Isaiah contains a number of prophetic glimpses of the Lord Jesus Christ – so many that Isaiah is sometimes referred to as the ‘messianic prophet.’ In this sermon evangelist Nate Bibens addresses this fascinating subject.

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The Use of the Collection

Members of the Lord’s church have long debated and discussed the proper way to spend the money collected on the first day of the week. In this sermon, evangelist Allen Bailey surveys the New Testament’s instructions regarding this important matter.

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