About Us/Disclaimer

ChristianLandmark.com is a  website originally founded by Clint De France and now run by Shahe Gergian and Bart Shaw. It includes

* Searchable articles on current religious topics relevant to all Christians.

* Audio sermons which can be downloaded or listened to as podcasts.

* A series of question and answer pages.

* A collection of video sermons that will soon be growing.

God bless you as you seek to know more about His will for your life.



Our Policy on Articles, Sermons and Books:

Here on the Christian Landmark we are dedicated to presenting conservative, Bible-based Christianity, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and opposing false doctrine.

The articles, sermons and books that are posted reflect the position of the writer and not necessarily the leadership of the Rice Road church of Christ. We ask that you would approach all content on the site with an open Bible and an open mind. “Prove all things. Hold fast to that which is good.” (1 Thess. 5:21)

Our Policy on Rebuttals and Refutations:

Here on the Christian Landmark it is not our desire or intention to mislead anyone on any doctrinal matter. If objectionable content is found we invite and encourage that it be pointed out to us. If we are at odds as to whether or not it is in fact objectionable, we welcome a written refutation or response provided:

1) It is well written. (Grammatically)

2) It is well thought out. (Scripture is used to prove points.)

3) It is respectful. (Slander and libel will not be tolerated.)

If you are interested in writing a refutation of an article, sermon or book, contact  Shahe Gergian, evangelist or Bart Shaw.

Our Policy on Debate and Discussion:

Here on the Christian Landmark we believe that open and honest discussion and debate of religious differences is both scriptural (Prov. 25:9) and sensible. Each writer is a Christian in good standing with a church of Christ that would be willing to support them in an oral or written discussion of virtually any topic. If you would be interested in debating an issue with any of our writers contact  evangelist Shahe Gergian or Bart Shaw.



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