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As a follow-up to our article posted earlier this week on the religion of Islam, Clint De France and Shahe Gergian sit down to discuss some viewer questions. It is our ultimate hope that these posts will help Christians to reach out to their Muslim neighbors with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

mecca 4

The celebration of hajj at Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

This week on Christianlandmark we consider the titanic Islamic religion which boasts 1.6 billion adherents worldwide. Click on the photo above or the text below for an informative article written by evangelist Shahe Gergian. On Friday we will post a question and answer video. We hope you will join us as we learn about what the Muslim religion teaches!

The Cross and The Crescent PDF

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Pensive Final

Have you ever doubted God’s love? If you have, today’s sermon by evangelist Clint De France might encourage you. The text comes from an idea found in the last book of the Old Testament:

“I have loved you,” says the Lord. “Yet you say, ‘In what way have You loved us?'” (Malachi 1:2)

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Tree Shadow Final

Today’s Friday Followup is an article on types and shadows by evangelist Clint De France which follows his sermon on the tabernacle. We hope you will read and consider the amazing and divine word of God and how it speaks to us even in the 21st century!

The Tabernacle Bedsheet Rev 3

Today’s post is an enthralling sermon by evangelist Clint De France on the Mosaic Tabernacle of God.

This is the tabernacle that young King David fled to escape from Saul, eat holy bread, and receive the sword of Goliath. This is the tent that the High Priest Eli watched over while young Samuel slept nearby. This is the building and its furnishings that point to the magnificent church of Christ that provides safety for all those who will escape the clutches of sin and destruction. Please spend some time listening to this classic sermon topic today and consider the omniscient knowledge of our amazing God.

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Grapes Vineyard Final

Today we post sermons from the Eldon Missouri church of Christ gospel meeting about four of the last parables our Lord preached on the Tuesday of the crucifixion week.

Shahe Gergian, “A Man Had Two Sons” (Matthew 21:28-32) MP3 Link

Jeremy Smith, “The Rebellious Vinedressers” (Matthew 21:22-44) MP3 Link

Bart Shaw, “The Parable of the Wedding Feast” (Matthew 22:1-14) MP3 Link

Shahe Gergian, “Some Were Wise, Some Were Foolish” (Matthew 25:1-13) MP3 Link

Bride of Christ Resize

Friday, August 22nd,  Jesus The Bridegroom

Shahe Gergian, “God and His Bride” MP3 Link


Noah Howard, “The Bride and the Bridegroom” MP3 Link


Austin McConnell, “For I Have Betrothed You To One Husband” MP3 Link


Saturday, August 23rd Ephesians 5, Christ and His Bride

Matthew Barnes, “Christ is the Head of the Church” MP3 Link


Jeremy Hykel, “Christ loved the Church and Gave Himself For Her” MP3 Link


Jared Wilson, “The Washing of Water By The Word” MP3 Link


Eric Cox, “Holy and Without Blemish” MP3 Link


Lord’s Day, August 24th

Shahe Gergian, “The Marriage of The Lamb” MP3 Link

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Does God command us to forgive those people who treat us badly? What about forgiveness in the setting of personal relationships in the church? Do we have responsibility to forgive? Evangelist Joe Hisle addresses this critical issue in today’s sermon.

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Today’s post is a sermon on growing in Christ from 2 Peter 1:10: “If you do these things you shall never fall…” The man-made doctrine of ‘once saved always saved’ is a false doctrine and this section of scripture is just one of the places where Calvin’s demonic doctrine is discredited and disproved.

The Bible teaches that because of sin man cast out of the good graces of God. How can man be made right in the sight of God? Evangelist Joe Hisle retells the greatest story ever told. Listen and thrill your heart with the glorious gospel of God’s grace to us.
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Evangelist Joe Hisle considers what the Bible teaches us about having the best possible life while here on earth.

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In today’s sermon evangelist Joe Hisle recounts the narrative of the leprous Syrian general who faces the dilemma of obedience to what he considers to be beneath him: to dip in the muddy Jordan or to go home a leper. We hope you enjoy.

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In today’s video evangelist Joe Hisle challenges all believes to ‘make it sure’ when considering how we worship our mighty and glorious God.

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In this sermon evangelist Joe Hisle addresses some ‘strange’ teachings of the modern denominational world.

(As a technical note to this sermon, the audio dramatically improves around 5 1/2 minutes into the sermon. As God’s word teaches, if you persevere and persist, you will be rewarded!)

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Today’s sermon by evangelist Joe Hisle is about the amazing and challenging characteristics of the eternal God. For example, God is omnific! Curious what it means to be omnific? Listen to this sermon for a faith lifting exposition on the Almighty One.

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Are we guilty of being overly occupied with life’s distracting trivia and frivolities? Evangelist Joe Hisle in this sermon challenges us to become engaged in matters which have eternal significance.

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If you had died last night, what would be on your mind? Would it be TV shows, making money, taking college classes, or playing video games? Perhaps you might be concerned with marriage and buying a home? In this sermon by evangelist Joe Hisle we learn that the seemingly important trivia of this life fade into obscurity when a soul passes into the afterlife. Joe entreats us to have hyperacute spiritual vision now—while there is still time to make changes that will please our God.

Today we post another sermon from evangelist Greg Gay. Greg follows his theme of ‘choices’ with this sermon about the three paths to punishment that David was given to consider.

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Today we post an edifying and challenging sermon by evangelist Greg Gay. In this sermon we learn that as Christians we don’t have a temporary relationship with our Lord. Our bond with God is abiding, it is durable, it is eternal!

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Corinthians 15:58

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Today we post the Q&A session that followed evangelist Greg Gay’s insightful presentation on the restoration and post-modernism.

Today we post evangelist Greg Gay’s amazing sermon on the history of philosophy, religious restoration, and post-modernism. Greg concisely sums up the current situation and shines light on the reason people reject absolute truth in today’s culture. How can we as Christians best counteract the effect that man’s thinking has on the Lord’s church in the 21st century? We hope you will listen.

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Today we post the Q&A session that followed evangelist Roger Boone’s presentation on ‘Restoring Primitive Christianity.’

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Is there a Divine standard of church order to which Christians must subscribe? Many passages command the servant of God to ‘keep the traditions’ and ‘follow the example.’ Roger Boone addresses this issue and considers the all-important topic of restoring God’s perfect and wondrous church of Christ.

The grass withers,and its flower falls away, but the word of the Lord endures forever. (1 Peter 1:24-25)

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Today we post the question and answer session that followed Jerry’s sermon on Daniel’s 70-week prophecy!

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Today’s post is a fascinating analysis of the prophecy of Daniel’s 70-weeks found in Daniel chapter nine. Evangelist Jerry Dickinson gives a gripping and insightful look into the prophecy which gives the believer ever more reason to believe in the power and majesty of God.

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Today we post the question and answer session that followed the study on the baptism of the Holy Spirit by evangelist Glen Osburn.

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Today’s post is a sermon discussing an issue that many believers find confusing and mysterious. What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit and is it replicated today? Evangelist Glen Osburn tackles this subject in this enlightening sermon which we hope you will enjoy!

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Today we present the question and answer session that followed evangelist Doug Hawkin’s sermon on Christian apparel.

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From the very beginning in Genesis 3 when God clothed a naked Adam and Eve in ‘tunics,’ the Bible conveys the notion of ‘modesty.’ Despite the fact that our culture has wholesale abandoned this concept, it is incumbent upon God-fearers to be humble and introspective about the subject of modest dress. Evangelist Douglas Hawkins approaches this subject in our post today and seeks to demonstrate God’s will in the matter of Christian dress. We hope you will listen.

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Today we post the Q&A session that followed evangelist Bruce Roebuck’s presentation on the Christian and social societies.


Social societies like lodges, fraternities, and sororities have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years, and many young people today are convinced that in order to get ahead in life, networking with these types of groups is a necessity. In this sermon from evangelist Bruce Roebuck, the question of Christian membership in such organizations is considered.

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Today we post the Q&A Session that followed the presentation on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection of thousands of scroll and scroll fragments, have been described by some archaeologists as “the greatest archaeological find of modern times.”
In this sermon evangelist Shahe Gergian takes a close look at the importance of the scrolls to Christianity and our faith as believers.

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Today we post the question and answer session that followed evangelist De France’s presentation on the Lord’s supper and love feasts.