Beware of the Doctrine of Demons

Many people fear demon possession and are worried about the influence of Satan and the demonic world. However, even with this concern, many people fail to see the most powerful and threatening influence the Devil has over them – false doctrine. Evangelist Brett Hickey reminds us that Satan is first and foremost a liar and has used his deceitful influence to lead many away from God.
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Do Not Grow Weary in Doing Good

It’s very easy to become discouraged and weary in life, especially in light of all the hardships Christians often face, but the apostle Paul has a message for us in times of difficulty: “let us not grow weary while doing good” (Galatians 6:9). Evangelist Doug Hawkins reminds us how to be of good cheer and press on in the face of great obstacles.
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The Christian’s Onward Journey

Many great parallels can be drawn between the wilderness wanderings of Israel and the Christian journey on the earth: Israel left the bondage of Egypt while Christians leave the bondage of sin; Israel passed through the waters of the Red Sea while Christians pass through the waters of baptism, and Israel journeyed to the promised land of Canaan while Christians journey to the promised land of Heaven. Consider more on this theme from evangelist Bruce Roebuck in this exciting sermon.

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Nothing But Leaves

While heading to Jerusalem, Jesus became hungry. He spotted a fig tree, but when he approached it He realized it bore no fruit; the tree had nothing but leaves. The Master cursed the tree and it withered away, however the question to ask is: why do such a thing? What was the purpose of this peculiar miracle? Evangelist Shahe Gergian answers these questions in this sermon: “Nothing But Leaves.”
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What will become of our Dreams?

The church needs goals. Every individual Christian, every family, and every congregation need to look to the future and make preparations for the work ahead of them. Evangelist Rick Martin emphasizes our goal-setting obligations in this sermon.

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Turning Possibilities into Certainties

Little is certain in life, yet the Bible teaches that while possibilities abound, sometimes that which is possible can be made into an absolute certainty. Find out how in this sermon from evangelist Clint De France.
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Feeling the Presence of God

It is quite common today to hear religious people talk about feeling the presence of God in their lives. Some say one church has the presence of the Lord while another does not. In this sermon from evangelist Austin McConnell, we learn about such attitudes towards Christianity and whether or not they are Biblical.
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