Denying The Lord

The individuals that inhabit the pages of the Bible were real people with genuine problems, just like us. We can learn much from the examples of the men and women in the holy scripture. Studying the ups and downs of the life of Peter is one such instance. In this lesson, evangelist Shahe Gergian explores the shortcomings and successes of this great champion for Christ.

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A Time To Change

Is your worship acceptable to God? In today’s sermon evangelist Bruce Roebuck teaches that in a time of religious apathy, Christians need to change from a spirit of disinterested sacrilege to an attitude of reverence and deep respect for the sacred things of God.

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What Jesus Christ Did For Women

In order to comprehend the majestic position and appointment of Christian womanhood, it is necessary, by way of contrast, to consider the dilemma of  women before the coming of the Messiah. Evangelist William St. John studies the marvelous liberty and grace brought to women by the Lord Jesus Christ.
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The Righteous Judge Will Do Right

In one of the most astounding narratives in the scripture, Abraham boldly asked God, “Would You also destroy the righteous with the wicked?” (Genesis 18:23). Evangelist Johnny Elmore considers this episode and how we should “walk in the steps” of faith that Abraham modeled. (Romans 4:12).
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Judgement Day Surprises

The Apostle Peter wrote that the judgment day will come as a thief in the night, surprising those who live on the earth (2 Peter 3:10). Evangelist Jerry Dickinson considers how the judgment day holds other shocking revelations that will catch many off guard.

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Joshua’s Farewell Address


When Joshua reached the end of his distinguished service as Israel’s leader, he gave a great oration in which he challenged, exhorted, and reassured the people to follow after God. In today’s sermon, evangelist Billy Dickinson considers the magnificent words of Joshua.

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Men Who Should Not Preach









In honor of the many 2016 Labor Day meetings going on around the country, we present this audio sermon given by Ronny Wade at the 2009 Texas Labor Day meeting.

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A Prophet For Profit

During their wilderness wanderings the children of Israel encountered a prophet named Balaam who was hired by Balak, the king of Moab, to curse them. In this classic sermon from evangelist Jerry Dickinson, we learn some crucial lessons from Balaam, his talking donkey, and his inability to curse the people of God.

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