Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

How did the gospel come to Europe? Why did Paul and Barnabas exasperatedly separate? What powerful force prevented Paul from preaching the gospel in Asia? If you want answers to these questions and more watch today’s powerful exposition on Paul’s Second Missionary Journey by evangelist Jerry Dickinson.

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Believing A Lie

When people reject God’s truths, He allows them believe a lie, and the lies of the Devil are those which result in eternal damnation. In this sermon from evangelist Jerry Dickinson, we learn from the tragic account of an unnamed prophet who should have clung to what God told him but instead he allowed himself to be deceived which cost him dearly.
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Nay But We Will Have A King!

In this well studied sermon from evangelist Jerry Dickinson we learn valuable lessons from that tumultuous era in Israel’s history when they rejected God’s divine rule in favor of a human king.

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Waiting For The Moving of The Water

Stirred Waters





Jerry Dickinson – Waiting for the Moving of the Water
Sometimes Christians wait and pray for a divine answer from God in a very shallow and superstitious way. Does God speak through modern miracles or does He speak through His word, the Bible? Evangelist Jerry Dickinson considers this question in today’s sermon, ‘Waiting for the moving of the Water.’

Be Of Good Cheer

With all of the problems and heartaches people face in life it’s fairly easy to become discouraged and even to think that no one is concerned for you. However, in this sermon from evangelist Kevin Presley, we’re reminded of the kind of comfort and good cheer that comes to the children of God from the Lord Jesus Christ.
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